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underslab vapor barrier/retarder is a new generation of polyolefin-based resin/chemical technology. Perminator provides the vapor barrier industry with a highly effective, economical choice for helping to reduce the penetration of moisture and water vapor through the slab into the structure, thereby helping to reduce fungus, mildew, and mold growth. Perminator also helps reduce radon gas from entering the structure. New resin technology allows dramatically greater puncture resistance while maintaining one of the lowest perm ratings in the market. Perminator vapor barrier/retarder is tough enough to withstand normal construction jobsite conditions and traffic. It will not crack, puncture, snag, split, or tear easily. Perminator helps meet and maintain the maximum slab moisture transfer rate of 3 lb./1000 ft.²/24 hours (1.45 kg/100 m²/24 hours), as allowed by the flooring industry’s specifications.

Perminator is available in 10 mil and 15 mil thicknesses. Both versions are furnished in 200′ (61 m) long rolls and In Stock in Conshohocken.

Stablia Levels

For more than a century and a half, Stablia has produced innovative, precision-made tools in the time-honored tradition of German craftsmanship. Stabila has become synonymous for precision, speed and reliability. Check out their catalog here


The #1 rated pothole and utility cut repair material. Check it out here.

Gutter Rubber

Check out this great product here