Gutter Rubber

Gutter Rubber is the sealant to use for leakproofing gutters, spouts, and aluminum siding.

Available in Two Colors:
White & Aluminum

Gutter Rubber is packed in 5 oz. tubes, 24 tubes per carton for convenient use a preservation of contents. Guaranteed a quality sealant by Calbar, manufacturers of technical products since 1920.

Only this nitrile rubber – based product offers these features:

  • Adheres in temperatures from 0° to 155 ° F
  • “Skins” instantly, cures quickly
  • Reseals itself even when aged because it expands and contracts with the surfaces
  • Seals mitres, outlet tubes, slip joints, and end caps
  • Bonds to aluminum, steel, glass, wood, ceramics, masonry, and fiberglass