CSMC Metaloid Metallic Floor Hardener

METALOID METALLIC FLOOR HARDENER: “Metaloid” is a water absorbent, properly graded metallic hardener, containing a scientific dispersing agent, which permits the working of larger amounts of “Metaloid” into the floor. It does not contain excessive proportions of fine iron dust present in many metallic hardeners, the jagged and irregular particles in “Metaloid” assure maximum bonding area with the cement particles. It is completely free of oils, grease, aluminum or foreign matters that would interfere with the ready absorption in the slab. “Metaloid” withstands the heaviest industrial use and is unaffected by acids and alkalies. Specifications: After the concrete slab or top coat has been straightedge, apply a dry mixture of two parts “Metaloid” Metallic Hardener and one part cement, as evenly as possible, in two dust coats. Work both dustcoats into the floor with a power float, and finish with a steel hand trowel so that the floor is smooth. And free from defects of any kind. Apply (60 to 120) pounds of “Metaloid” per 100 square feet of floor. Depending on the use of the particular area.

Colored “Metaloid” Hardener is available in any standard color and is used where a decorative heavy-duty floor is desired. Application is the same as for uncolored “Metaloid.”

Metaloid Metallic Floor Hardener is also available in premixed form: just open bag and apply to surface.