CSMC Form-Coat

FORM-COAT PLYWOOD FORM COATING: Forms sealed with “Form-Coat” permit easier stripping and do not show wood grain marks on the smooth concrete walls. It dries rapidly, giving gloss smooth surface to the wood forms. Applied by brush, roller or dipping. Forms are completely sealed against moisture and can _be used repeatedly, thus saving more than the cost of the “Form-Coat” Two coats recommended for application by brush, roller one for dipping. One gallon will cover 200 sq. ft. Reduces or eliminates costly rubbing of the stripped concrete. “Form-Coat” is especially formulated to resist alkalies of concrete. Avoid any material that is non-alkali resistant. Has produced outstanding results on concrete structures in all parts of the country. “Form-Coat” has a lacquer base-no other material can protect plywood, or give as smooth a surface on concrete, as can a hard lacquer.