CSMC Epoxy-Bond Coatings Type P

EPOXY-BOND COATINGS TYPE P: These coatings are characterized by their outstanding resistance to many chemicals and solvents, excellent adhesion, flexibility, hardness, high impact and abrasion resistance. Used for industrial and institutional maintenance and construction; where “baked on” quality is desired from a room temperature cured system. Can be applied to wood, metals, masonry, ceramics, and glass. Available in clear, white, and many other colors. The appearance will be a hard, smooth, title like surface. The gloss is medium to high. The coating is supplied in two parts, A and B, which are mixed together in equal volumes, just prior to use. Enough coating is mixed to supply material, for a 4-hour application period. Quantities up 4 gallons can be mixed in one container, but should be poured into containers holding no more than 1 gallon, after the blend is made. Reducing with recommended thinners or storing at lower temperatures increases Pot-life.