CSMC Dri-Seal Silicone Exterior Waterproofing

DRI-SEAL SILICONE EXTERIOR WATERPROOFING: Prevents water from soaking into a masonry wall. Apply to clean dry masonry surface in one coat. One gallon covers 75 to 150 sq.ft. in one coat, depending on the porosity of the surface. Only extremely porous surfaces take two coats. “Dri-Seal” is guaranteed not to change the color or texture of even the lightest shades of masonry or limestone.Contains the maximum percentage of silicones as recommended by the silicone manufacturer. Apply “Dri-Seal” with a brush or low pressure spray in such a way that a run down of 6 to 8 inches is obtained. Permits the wall to breathe. Efflorescence will not appear on a wall that has been treated with “Dri-Seal” because water cannot get into the wall to bring out the soluble salts that cause efflorescence. “Dri-Seal” is nontoxic, and easy to apply. Federal speo. SS-W-OOIIO, including revisions (GSA-FSS).