CSMC Diamond-Crete Non-Slip Floor Hardener

DIAMOND-CRETE NON-SLIP FLOOR HARDENER: A non-metallic colored or uncolored hardener to be used where a non-slip and non-rusting surface is of great importance. Resistant to acids, grease and alkalies, Used especially in manufacturing and food processing plants, hospitals, schools.Apply as it comes from the container without adding any other material As little as 35 pounds per 100 square feet is sufficient for certain light conditions. For severe wear, use 50 to 80 pounds per 100 square feet. Float two dustcoats of “Diamond-Crete” into the floor and finish with a steel trowel. On interior colored “Diamond-Crete” floors, apply “Diamond Crete” liquid sealer of matched color, as soon as the floor can be walked on without damage, then cover with building paper.