Decorative Concrete Coloring & Accessories

L.M. Scofield Company

Chromix Admixture

Scofield Standard Grade Integral Color System

Lithochrome Color Hardener

Lithochrome Chemstain

Lithochrome Antiquing Release

Lithotex Liquid Release

Scofield Sealer – Cementtone, Colorcure, Colorwax, WB Gloss, WB Semi-Gloss

Scofield Texturetop – Stamp Grade, Stencil Grade, and Trowel and Spray Grade

Scofield Overlay

Davis Concrete Colors System

Davis Concrete Color

Davis Liquid Black and Blue Color

Decorative Accessories

Scofield Lithotex Pavecrafters Series- Stamps, Skins, and Custom Tools (Call for Availability)

Baking Soda

CSMC Bubble Gum Release

Rubber and Steel Tampers

Grout Wheel Roller, Touch-up Wheel

L & M Econ

Simple Green Cleaner